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Role of cyclooxygenase-2 activation. Tóth M. Tamás Deli Department of Physiology Purinergic signal transduction in cellular differentiation and malignant transformation: the special role of the P2X7 receptor Tutor: László Csernoch M. Ms Eszter Fejes Department of Botany Application of chemical structure analysis methods to cyanobacterial toxins and synthesized biologically active compounds Tutor: Szív egészségügyi kórház lacombe Borbély D.

Naturalization of the degree issued by the University of Tokyo Zoltán Griger Department of Physiology Önsegély magas vérnyomás esetén of protein kinase C isoenzymes in systemic lupus erythematosus and in the regulation of cellular processes of monomac-6 cells Tutors: László Kovács M. D, Ph. Gergely Losonczy Clinical Research Center The effect of novel GPIIb mutations causing Glanzmann thrombasthenia on the synthesis, intracellular transport, surface expression and ligand binding ability of the fibrinogen receptor Tutor: László Muszbek M.

Attila Megyeri Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy Attempts at improving fluoropyrimidine chemotherapy by biochemical modulators or by biomarker measurements with laser scanning cytometry Tutor: Péter Kovács M. Ms Csilla Molnár Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Clinical assessment of some possibilities of peri- and intraoperative monitoring in anesthesia Tutors.

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Sándor Szabó M. Goran Ilija Petrovski Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Clearance of dying autophagic cells of different origin by human professional and non-professional phagocytes Tutor: László Fésüs M.

Tamás Szabó Department of Physiology and Pediatrics Molecular pharmacology of vanilloid receptor-1 in animal models in vivo and in cellular system in vitro Tutor: Tamás Bíró M. Lóránt Székvölgyi Department of Biophysics and Cell Biology The role of persistent nicks at the boundaries of interphase chromatin loops and their possible involvement in pathological gene rearrangements Tutor: Gábor Szabó M.

Ms Enikő Ágnes Széll Department of Pediatrics Regulation of the contractility of the urinary bladder under healthy and diseased conditions. Zsolt Szíjgyártó Department of Medical Chemistry Role of calcineurin in the in vitro regulation of cartilage differentiation and in the signal transduction pathways of human mononuclear cells Tutor: Pál Gergely M.

Miklós Szokoly Budapest Examination of acute limb ischemia-reperfusion in experimental models.

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Preservation possibilities of the viability of limb amputes from traumatic origin Szív egészségügyi kórház lacombe Ms Irén Mikó M. Alexis Tsorbatzoglou Department of Ophthalmology Milestones in cataract surgery? Phacoemulsification using the kinetic energy of the fluid and restore the accommodation in pseudophakic patients Tutor: András Berta M. Doctors of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Ms Katalin Dankó 3rd Department of Internal Medicine Clinical and immunological investigations of peculiarities of inflamatory muscle diseases.

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Zoltán Hernádi Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Gynecological Oncology Prognostic and predictive factors in gynecological malignancies. György Vereb Department of Biophysics and Cell Biology Supramolecular organization and function of receptor tyrosine kinases and tyrosine kinase linked receptors.

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